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jumpers 8 years ago
"hot"?! it will burn you
jumpers 8 years ago
"natural girls...." not so "natural"
"....forced to answer...." they weren't "forced" to "answer"
"....nature's call!" that's not "nature's" "call"!
"this super sexy sweetie...." not so "super" "sexy" "sweetie"
"....could not reach a bathroom" "reach"?! she should!
jumpers 8 years ago
"what a shame!" no it's not a "shame" it's very seducive and horny!
"the urge was beyond her control, and everybody around could see that!" so what!
not so "beyond" "control"
by the way didn't seem to be so everybody "around"
jumpers 8 years ago
"she had to relieve herself!" "relieve"?! why?!
"nearly pissing a hole in her pantyhose, kinky!" not so "kinky"!
by the way that's not a "hole" that's a gusset
"no public toilets in that part of town,...." no you are wrong, they were public toilets!
jumpers 8 years ago
"....with her tight white pants" it doesn't seem to be so "tight" pants except from her huge ass part
"....but we see her need is very bad!" why her "need" is so freaking bad?!
"urge grips...." those are not "urge" "grips"
"....there's no way out!" there is "way" out from her butthole and her pussyhole
jumpers 8 years ago
"no need to look for...." there's need to look for
"we show everything!" no you don't show "everything"!
jumpers 8 years ago
"that's beyond sexy" that's seducive and horny!
"what else can she do?" shit!
"piss herself silly!" can't piss normaly?!
"now these sexy boots are sprayed with fresh pee!" that's seducive and horny!
not so "fresh"
they are not so "sexy" boots they are weird "shoes"
by the way she doesn't wear boots
"so beautiful...." not so "beautiful"
"....and so careless!" why?!
jumpers 8 years ago
"....things most girls would hate to expose!" but are seducive and horny for others!
when "most" girls are with each other then why they don't hate to "expose"?!
by the way those are not "things"
"will she hold it?" "hold" what?!
"no way!" that's not "way"!
"the urge is too strong!" it depends
not so "strong"!
"such a shame and looking so sexy...." no it's not a "shame" when the sexy shits and pisses it's very seducive and horny!
jumpers 8 years ago
"....cute little puddle!" the puddle is not "cute"!
"never seen,...." "never" "seen"?!
"....all original" not so "all" "original"
"....shame scenes!" and not so "shame" "scenes"!
jumpers 8 years ago
"full quality" not so "quality"