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Wicked Tongue 2 years ago
She could use my tongue to wipe her pissy pussy
Anon 2 years ago
When you think you have enough lighting --- you don't! Make it brighter!
2 years ago
If your pussy is better why not to lick
1 year ago
Show us your stained panties too
Cj26 2 years ago
Like wtf is that
1 year ago
First few shots were great. I need to be her camera man.
1 year ago
I'd let her piss in my mouth
JimUSA 9 months ago
First of all -- beautiful pussy! You looked gorgeous!
Second: Make maximum use of what you've got --
-- Tripod, properly positioned.
-- Panties, shorts, etc. totally off. (NOT around ankles.)
-- Pelvis tilted forward.
-- Labia spread as far as possible.
-- Lighting.
Present that beautiful pussy properly. Jim
Dkb 1 year ago
Gorgeous little Pussy too I’d lick it
Anon13 2 years ago
This would have possibly been a good post if the cameraperson had discovered a floodlight. Instead it's a bunch of shadows and missed opportunities! If the woman is willing to pose, let's see what she's got.